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What We Do


— We Find and Rescue

It is not the children’s fault that they do not have a home. These kids are orphans abandoned. They do not deserve to stay on the streets in the cold, or in abandoned buildings where they face all kinds of danger such as rape and murder. They need your help


— We Nurture

Sponsorship caters for shelter, food, clothing and medical care. This way we nurture and encourage the healthy growth and development of a child, mentally, physically and spiritually.


— We Strengthen

Through the word of God that we read on a daily basis we get encouraged and strengthened a long with children as we go through the tough times of limitations. Believing that the God who started the good work in us is faithful enough to accomplish it.


— We Educate

You can feed and shelter a child but without education, they will never be able to become the best they can in life because they will not have the basic skills required to better themselves and compete in this tough world. For that reason, it is at the forefront of our campaigns to ensure that all children under our care get an education.


— We Provide Care

Knowing how a child is all the time and what is going on in their mind is essential to ensuring safety and proper development of that child. For that reason my wife and I, on addition to staying with the cards have acquired helps that stay with the kids even when we are away on missions. We want to make sure that the children get 100% attention they need.


— We Love

Love is sacrifice, love is provision, love is the one thing that reaches to the deepest of places in a child’s heart. It is the one thing that will make gain confidence of themselves and also have the ability to love and care for others. Learning from the scriptures that when God loved the world he gave us his only son Jesus to die for us, we know we have to give all for these children that we love so much.

Impact Stories

Children's Home Construction.

2014, God blessed us with a land property raised by friends from the USA connected to them through facebook. Later after a lot of networking and hard work we were able to build a home for 30 orphan children.

A Brighter Future — For Uganda’s Orphan Children

We are working so hard to provide a school for orphan children in Uganda. It is my prayer therefore that you stand with us to make this dream come true this year. Your help will enable us have this dream achieved before the end of this year.